Fabric arts by Patricia Chadwick

Tactile art

Photos of four guide dogs on a fabric quilt.
The photos of the guide dogs are outlined on the back with wiki stix; there are Brailled dog tags by each dog; and the sun and Chinese character are tactile.
Two people on a tandem bike with blue fabric; two felted baby sharks are below the bike.
The tandem bike and riders are outlined with wiki stix and the baby sharks are padded so they are tactile.

2020 memories

Icon of a woman in a wheelchair holding up her fist on red and yellow fabric.
This piece is an homage to African Americans and disabled people in 2020 celebrating the protests but who were also adversely affected during the pandemic. This piece was part of a show – Art of Resilience: Celebrating Creativity in Mental Health, Wellness and Recovery in Randolph, VT.
Two ravens on blue, white and orange fabric.
Celebrating the ravens that I watched from the window of my apartment in Vermont, where I spent part of the pandemic.

Daughter art

Photo of a Shi Tzu dog on blue and brown fabric.
My younger daughter’s dog Jack with his snow boots on for Vermont.
Icon of man in a wheelchair with a toddler in a round frame.
My late husband with our daughter as a toddler.
Quilt of blue, red, white fabric.
An ox quilt for my daughter who was born in the Year of the Ox.

Brother’s dog

Photo of dog in round frame.
Brother’s dog – take 1
Photo of dog in square frame.
Brother’s dog – take 2

Wall Hangings for Friends

Fabric wall hanging in a circle. A ginkgo leaf is in the center surrounded by fabric with a leaf pattern and then blue and yellow fabric. Some felt balls hang from the bottom of the circle.
For a friend who likes ginkgo leaves. December 2022


Disability themed quilt
Quilt made by Patricia Chadwick for a raffle to help fund a coalition of disabled women from the US to attend the Women’s Conference in Beijing in 1995. Now hanging on disability advocate Anthony Tusler’s wall. The circles in the middle represent wheelchair wheels. The diamonds coming out from the wheelchair symbol represent breaking the chains of oppression. The diagonal lines represent ramps over stairs. The hand signs means “communication” and “sign language.” The Braille spells “Yes ADA.”
Cotton fabric in patterns mostly gold, orange and red with some black and gold fabric in the background. Long strips of fabric make a pinwheel pattern.
Adventureland Quilt (pattern by SuzyQuilts) inspired by Kathy, a fellow quilter at the Sacramento Modern Quilt Guild retreat. 2022

Older Quilts

Quilt made of blue, red, pink, white and gold fabric - star in the middle and triangles along the sides.
Quilt made in 1977
Sections of a quilt - each panel is a star pattern
Made in 1976, commissioned by a neighbor in Oakland. The pattern is called Nine Star.
Quilt with a swirly pattern, various colors.
Made in 1975 (as you can tell by the hideous shag carpeting and bright pink couch) for my housemate. Pattern is called Drunkard’s Path.

Fabric bowl

Bowl made out of black, yellow, and orange fabric.
Fabric coiled bowl by Patricia Chadwick. 2021