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Reimagining disability inclusion and accessibility in the community and in media

“Disability is not a ‘brave struggle’ or ‘courage in the face of adversity’… disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.”

—Neil Marcus, disabled actor, artist, writer and activist

An Asian woman using a white cane; a white woman in a wheelchair; a man with medium brown skin and a prosthetic leg; an African American man using a cane.

Visions & Voices works with community groups on disability history projects; provides consulting on content development, digital accessibility, and web development; and offers voiceover services for video description and narration. We also advocate for single-payer, universal, and equitable health care. Visions & Voices is powered by Patricia Chadwick.

Media & Disability


A woman using crutches stands talking to two men.
Amina Azimi is interviewed as part of her work with Afghan Landmine Survivors’ Organization. (Credit: ALSO)

Accurate, comprehensive coverage of disability issues and increasing the participation of disabled people in the production of news and information can help alleviate stigma and discrimination, as well as lead to better policy.


A group of disabled protesters.
A group of disabled protesters demand the immediate implementation of the Disability Law. Credit: Lucy Ladidi Elukpo/Guardian Nigeria

Writings from Visions & Voices on how people with disabilities are covered by the media and how they use media to advance their rights, affect policy, and uplift young people with disabilities, both in the United States and internationally.

“With our hearts let us see, with your hands let us break every chain. Then, indeed, shall we know a better and nobler humanity.”

Helen Keller

Disability History Projects

Disability Social History Project

Collage of disability history images

This community history project founded in 1995 by disability activists and archivists Stephen Dias and Patricia Chadwick documents the history of people with disabilities in the US and other countries, focusing on art & culture, politics and events.

Sonoma Developmental Center – Museum Project

Two men stand outside; buildings and trees in the background.
Gary and Charlie were two residents of Sonoma Development Center. Credit: Patricia Chadwick, 1973

The Glen Ellen Historical Society is undertaking a campaign to create an historic district, museum and visitor center on the campus of the Sonoma Developmental Center, which closed in 2018.

Banner image: Getty Images