Hannah at the 2023 Cycling World Championships

August 8, 2023

Mixed tandem – women’s and men’s teams from each country race together – the women lead for the first two laps, then the men take over for the final lap.

Race #1 – mixed

August 6, 2023

Hannah and Skyler compete for a bronze medal against Italy – they need to win 2 out of 3 races.

Race #1 out of 3: Video by Suzanne Levine

US Team vs. Italy – women tandem cyclists.

Race #2 out of 3: BBC footage

2nd out of 3 races – tandem cycling – US vs Italy

Race #3 out of 3 – the Decider: by BBC – wait for it!

Race 3 of 3 for the bronze – US and Italy

Race #3 out of 3 – the Decider (another version): by Suzanne Levine – wait for it!

US Tandem women cyclists vs. Italy – on velodrome in Scotland.

August 3, 2023

Hannah Chadwick and her pilot Skyler Espinoza compete in the international paracycling races in Glasgow, Scotland. They placed an impressive 5th out of 16.

Tandem cyclists, Hannah Chadwick and Skyler Espinoza compete in a 1KM race at a velodrome.